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Some of my fondest memories are based on food.

I used to spend uncountable hours in the basement apartment on Johnson Road with my grandmother, stirring and measuring and tasting, sharing stories and laughter and tears. It was our special time together, when nothing in else mattered, when all that was important in life was right there on the tip of your tongue.

I learned many things about life in that kitchen…

That patience is a critical part of all things good. Flavors take time to blend into magnificence.
That what seems at first to be failure, with a little sprinkle of something else can turn into the most delicious of things.
That you can create an entire memory out of a grocery bag.
That one of the greatest satisfactions in life is to gather with those you love at a table.

I want to share with you the recipes of my life. I know that it will take me some time but per your request, so it begins….